Visitation Policy Bayview – June 4, 2021

Dear Resident, Family Member or Responsible Party,

Visits no longer need to be prearranged through the recreation department.

Please stop by within visiting hours 8A-7P Sunday-Saturday keeping in mind the sleeping times and care times of your loved one. We ask that you limit your visits to 2 persons at a time, if possible, to limit the amount of people in the building at any one time.

Upon arrival you will need to enter the building wearing a mask. You will be greeted by the receptionist upon which, you will need to perform hand hygiene, sign-in the visitor book as well as answer our COVID questionnaire and read over the Core Principals of COVID-19 Infection Prevention and agree to adhere to CDC guidance for nursing homes. If more than one person is waiting to sign-in upon entering, you will need to always maintain 6 feet of social distancing.

If your loved one does not have a roommate, you may go directly to their room for your visit. If you would like to enjoy the beautiful weather outside, you can bring your loved one outside on the grounds.

If your loved one has a roommate, then your option would be to bring your loved one outside and enjoy your visit outdoors or bring your loved one to one of our common space areas on the unit where your loved one resides or as directed by a staff member. If all the common spaces are being used during your visit, you may visit in the room without the roommate present. If the roommate is unable to leave the room, then the privacy curtain needs to be drawn and masks (no matter the visitors COVID 19 vaccination status is) need to be worn at all times.

There are no visitors allowed for a resident on transmission-based precautions.

As always, if an outbreak of any kind were to occur, then families and responsible parties would be notified if the building were closed to visitation.

Please remember, if you would like to schedule a leave of absence for your loved one, please contact the Nursing Supervisor. A 48-hour notice is preferred to allow for any necessary medications to be packaged and delivered by the pharmacy.

Thank you and, as always, please stay safe and healthy!

June 4, 2021 Athena News
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