Update from the Administrator – July 13, 2020

July 13, 2020


Dear Resident, Family Member or Responsible Party,


As you are aware, we have been following DPH guidance to continually test employees and residents for coronavirus.  In the first round of testing a few weeks ago, all resident results came back negative.  Surprisingly, last week one of our long-term care resident’s tests came back positive.    Although they did not have any symptoms, we have transferred this resident to one of our sister facilities for 14 days or until such time that they are considered COVID recovered.    None of the employee tests from the last round came back positive.


Our current in-house numbers are:

  • 36 COVID-19 recovered residents
  • 0 COVID-19 pending residents
  • 0 COVID-19 positive current residents/ 1 COVID-19 positive transferred resident
  • 0 COVID-19 positive employees

We are mandated to repeatedly test both residents and staff until there are no positive results for 2 consecutive weeks. It is apparent that the pandemic remains in a state of flux as things are still very fluid and changing daily.  We are hopeful that with routine testing and screening, Connecticut will continue to have a decline in new cases.  We send our prayers and support to all the other states presently dealing with a peak in new cases.


Do not forget to look at our Facebook page to see all the fun activates which have been going on.  Please feel free to participate in our latest contest to win a $20 gift certificate to Crown Pizza.  LIKE our Facebook page and leave a comment with your guess of the number of lollipops in the jar.  As always please stay healthy and safe.



~ From all of us at Bayview Health Care

July 13, 2020 Athena News
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